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With a tight deadline, we built a portfolio and news site for this South London-based architectural practice.

Using the open source Drupal content management system enabled us to build on the work of a worldwide developer community to deliver the new site quickly and enable the client 

A combination of community-contributed modules, together with a custom theme and additional bespoke development work, provides the best of both worlds: personal service and an understanding of the client's specific needs, along with a secure, proven code base.

Extracting existing data from a legacy system, we populated the site with dozens of existing case studies, adding supporting images and a classification system, allowing the client to concentrate on writing copy for the site with minimum hassle.

With a rebranding coming up, it was essential to have a clear separation of content and presentation, so that when the new design was complete, it could fit seamlessly with the existing content.

An agile development lifecycle, along with our secure staging environments and deployment procedures, meant that we were able to relaunch the site with no downtime.

Using our purpose-built project management system, the client's team were able to keep up-to-date with our progress, making sure that any issues were resolved promptly and efficiently.

Following the success of the CMS project, we worked with Simon again to deliver templates for the Mailchimp email marketing system.